The basic task of the Catholic school is to cultivate the soil in which the Faith and the love of God can grow.

The curriculum at Queen of the Holy Rosary Academy serves this end by exposing the pupil in the various subjects to what is good, true, and beautiful; encouraging the child in body, mind and heart first to appreciate, then to embrace, created good, and thus leading him to embrace ever more firmly the Author of creation---the ultimate Good—God Himself.

Although textbooks are a necessary tool in this process, they remain only at the service of the teacher, who takes the child by the hand, so to speak, and leads him along a wondrous path pointing things out, making distinctions, warning of pitfalls along the way. Learning is a profoundly human thing.

It will be the love the teacher has for the subject matter that will spark a fire in the child and foster in him a love of learning which, it is hoped, will remain for the rest of his life.