What is the most important quality of a school?

Our mission as a private Catholic school is to develop the minds, bodies, and souls of students in accordance with the perennial educational and moral principles of the Roman Catholic Church. We operate under the Society of Saint Pius X, and provide a structured, traditional social and academic environment in which students pursue truth and develop virtue within a rigorous, balanced curriculum, and take active part in the life and liturgy of a thriving community fully committed to developing Christian values. By providing an atmosphere of serious scholarship and Catholic vitality, Queen of the Holy Rosary Academy strives, as inspired by the motto of the Society of Saint Pius X, to equip students “To restore all things in Christ.�

Learning is a profoundly human process, one best accomplished through patient, qualitative drawing out, rather than a mechanistic, quantitative filling up. The school strives continuously to provide the best facilities, tools and material resources in terms of texts and an integrated curriculum, simultaneously recognizing that our teachers’ mastery of the subject matter, ability to communicate and, above all, love for our students, are what finally foster a desire for learning in those students. Our curriculum challenges minds; our teachers work with God to form souls.