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To help you discover your temperament. Be completely honest in answering the questions. They refer to your natural inclination rather than your present practice, acquired by effort and self control.

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Yes No Unsure 1. Are you quickly excited at offenses and inclined to retaliate and oppose an insult immediately?
Yes No Unsure 2. Do you look at life always from the serious side?
Yes No Unsure 3. Do you easily lose confidence in your fellow men?
Yes No Unsure 4. Are you greatly inclined to flatter those whom you love?
Yes No Unsure 5. Are you won by quiet explanation of reasons and motives, but embittered and driven to strong resistance by harsh commands?
Yes No Unsure 6. Do you love company and amusements?
Yes No Unsure 7. Does your thinking easily turn into reflection which may stir you up profoundly, yet not let your excitement be noted outwardly?
Yes No Unsure 8. Are you vehemently provoked by disorder or injustice?
Yes No Unsure 9. Do you have, and show, very little interest in what goes on about you?
Yes No Unsure 10. Do you find it hard to trust people, and are you always afraid that others have a grudge against you?
Yes No Unsure 11. Do you dislike prolonged reflection, and are easily distracted?
Yes No Unsure 12. Do you usually not feel an offense at the moment, but feel it so much more keenly a few hours later, or even the next day?
Yes No Unsure 13. Is it very hard for you to deny yourself some favorite food?
Yes No Unsure 14. Do you easily get angered by an offense, but soon are pleasant again?
Yes No Unsure Are you a person of enthusiasm, i.e. are you not satisfied with the ordinary, but aspire after great and lofty things, temporal or spiritual?
Yes No Unsure 16. Are you unwilling to admit a weakness or a defeat, and consequently try to deceive others, even by outright lies?
Yes No Unsure 17. Do you love silence and solitude and seclusion from the crowds?
Yes No Unsure 18. Do you easily become jealous, envious, and uncharitable?
Yes No Unsure 19. Do you feel happy when in a position to command?
Yes No Unsure 20. Do you spend much time deliberating, yet reach decisions only with difficulty?
Yes No Unsure 21. Do you like to be flattered?
Yes No Unsure 22. Do you easily complain of insignificant ailments, constantly fear grave sickness?
Yes No Unsure 23. Are you very much inclined to ease, to eating and drinking?
Yes No Unsure 24. Do you feel discouraged by difficulties in your undertakings?
Yes No Unsure 25. Do you find it difficult to form new acquaintances, to speak among strangers, to find the right words to express your sentiments?
Yes No Unsure 26. Do you pay keen interest to your appearance and that of others; to a beautiful face, to fine and modern clothes?
Yes No Unsure 27. Do you persevere under great difficulties until you reach your goal?
Yes No Unsure 28. Do you become suspicious and reticent by a rude word or unfriendly mien?
Yes No Unsure 29. Is it very hard to guard your eyes, ears, tongue, and keep silent?
Yes No Unsure 30. Are you loathe to appear in public and to be praised?
Yes No Unsure 31. Do you allow others to be preferred to you, but at the same time feel slighted because you are being ignored?
Yes No Unsure 32. Do you dislike, even hate, caresses and sentimentality?
Yes No Unsure 33. Can you be heartless, even cruel, in regard to the sufferings of others, even trample cold bloodedly upon the welfare of others, if you cannot otherwise reach your goal?
Yes No Unsure 34. Do you have little inclination to work, preferring repose and leisure?
Yes No Unsure 35. Do you lack perseverance; does interest in things fade quickly?
Yes No Unsure 36. Are you inclined to inordinate intimacy and flirtation?
Yes No Unsure 37. Do you lack courage in correcting people; it may show itself in these two forms: a) you go about it so carefully and tenderly that it can hardly be called a correction, or b) you shout your correction excitedly and angrily?
Yes No Unsure 38. Do you see everything, hear, and talk about everything?
Yes No Unsure 39. Do you love light work which attracts attention, where there is no need of deep thinking or great effort?
Yes No Unsure 40. Do you consider yourself as Somebody; as extraordinary, as always right, and not needing the help of others?
Yes No Unsure 41. Do you belittle, or by remarks and unfair means even persecute those who dare oppose you?
Yes No Unsure 42. Can you quickly pass from tears to laughter? and vice versa?
Yes No Unsure 43. Are you easily captivated by every new idea or mood?
Yes No Unsure 44. Do you love variety in everything?
Yes No Unsure 45. Do you remain composed, thoughtful, deliberate, with a sober and practical judgment, in the face of suffering, failure, offenses?
Yes No Unsure 46. Do you like to poke fun at others, tease them, play tricks, on them?
Yes No Unsure 47. Does a strong aversion easily take root in your heart against persons from whom you have suffered or in whom you find fault, sometimes so strong that you do not want to speak to them or cannot stand the sight of them without new excitement?
Yes No Unsure 48. Do you get vehemently excited by contradiction, resistance, and personal offenses and do you show this excitement in harsh words which may be, and sound like being polite, yet hurt to the core?
49. Which of these bad dispositions are yours:
  Yes   No   Unsure   a) obstinacy, anger, pride?
  Yes   No   Unsure   b) sloth, lack of energy?
  Yes   No   Unsure   c) lack of courage, dread of suffering?
  Yes   No   Unsure   d) talkativeness, inconsistency?
50. Which of these good traits come natural to you:
  Yes   No   Unsure   a) good nature, repose of mind?
  Yes   No   Unsure   b) sympathy for others, love for solitude and prayer?
  Yes   No   Unsure   c) strong will, energy, fearlessness, ambition?
  Yes   No   Unsure   d) cheerfulness, facility to get along well with difficult people?